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We represent drivers looking to make more money every paycheck boing more of what they are good at in one of the most talked-about and respected economic sectors in America. Get out here and go on an adventure. 

For Oil Trade Companies

Our recruitment agency is directed toward the energy sector and energy adjacent companies in the Bakken Region of North Dakota, emphasizing salt water, crude, and fuel delivery drivers.

A Secure Lifestyle

There are a lot of benefits to consider in North Dakota. Partially or fully paid medical insurance, company-provided housing, shift differentials, cash for chain-ups, loads and unloads, and the flexibility to go back home when you want to. There will be plenty to talk about!

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Spend more time planning logistics and less time on big-box hiring sites. We are committed and engaged in the process of bringing you to the most qualified drivers ready to commit to your company. We'll make sure they know what you have to offer. 

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